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Mate ValuGrind™

ValuGrind Benefits

Mate ValuGrinds™ provides:

A superior grinding finish and ground surface flatness with its:

  • Belt drive that ensures optimum wheel RPM
  • Large diamond grinding wheel with inner cooled cup-style design that delivers coolant exactly where needed to prevent burning or discoloration
  • Rigid and robust design

Faster grinding of larger tools because it comes with a:

  • Large motor that can accommodate up to Thick Turret E-station dies
  • Large grinding wheel 6.46(165,0)

No need for any wiring changes before use:

  • Electrical configurations available to fit your local needs in any country so it is ready to plug in and begin grinding*

Quick setup for grinding tools, and the flexibility to grind anything that will fit on its magnetic base.

Minimal maintenance:

  • Manufactured with quality components like Siemens electric motors
  • Uses CBN grinding wheels
  • Coolant screens that greatly reduce the amount of grinding swarf and allow for easier cleaning

Easy to use operation:

  • Portable tabletop design can be used virtually anywhere, even if space is limited
  • Pre-fixtured to grind all of Mate’s Thick Turret or Trumpf style tools
  • Easy to expand tool style grinding capability by simply purchasing other available fixture sets
  • All you need to do is unpack it, add coolant, plug it in and grind

Safe to use operation:

  • Sturdy construction so it will not move or tip when in use
  • Minimally exposed grinding wheel and safety stop button
  • Tinted polycarbonate safety shield
  • Diffuser-lined tub walls to keep coolant splatter to a minimum